Cane Sugar Studio San Francisco, safer alternative to wax for body hair removal



Sugaring instead of wax

Why sugaring? Why CANE?

We could write a book on the subject but here are the main highlights.

Sugaring can be performed on all body parts and on all types of hair.

Sugaring is gentle on the skin. Unlike wax it does not stick to live cells. The compound conditions the skin, leaving it in better shape after your treatment than before. Typically with sugar, redness and irritation have a shorter life span than with waxing.

The results last longer. Since sugar seeps into the follicle instead of just sitting on top of the skin like wax does, it can remove short, deeply rooted, or fine hairs which means the hair won't grow back as quickly.

While results last longer, oddly enough, you can visit more frequently if you choose. Interesting right?  We only need about a week or so of growth in order to sugar. Excellent news for those of you who can't stand the grow out or want to focus on permanent hair reduction at a faster rate.

If you're curious about the details, we can fill you in before or during your service.

Why CANE? We are experts at what we do. While this is a new location for CANE founders Carrie Carrie Maxwell
Eighteen years in the business, all dedicated to one thing — hair removal. Carrie believes that total dedication to one thing is what makes her staff good. Really good. This focus creates a level of skill, technique, and quality that just can’t happen if her staff is spread out doing other services. Hair removal is it. No facials. No spray tans. No nail art. It is this commitment that drove Carrie to open Habit 18 years ago — San Francisco’s first waxing-only salon, with great success. And it's the same commitment that's establishing CANE as the City's first sugaring-only salon in 2015. Carrie will always push things ahead to make sure her clients get the best experience. Period.
& AmyAmy Ephraim
No way around it, Amy is the Bay Area’s authority on sugaring. For the past 14 years, Amy has dedicated herself fully to sugaring. She trained under the technique’s creator, and is a certified educator for the Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring flagship studio. Practice makes people better, but a one-time training will never make you the authority. Co-founder Amy is there to answer any questions and hone the staff’s technique. Her vision is to turn every employee of CANE into a trainer. Trust that you’ll know the difference.
, they're certainly not new to the game. With over 20 years of combined experience, these women are experts in their field. Our staff is top notch. Every esthetician at CANE has extensive training and experience beyond the industry norm.

Estheticians must be "sugar certified" to perform this method correctly. This is something we at CANE are passionate about because not doing so will affect results and potentially cause damage to the skin and hair follicles.

In fact, along with being a service salon, CANE is a training and education studio. This is where other estheticians come to get certified in the one correct method of advanced sugaring. For these reasons, CANE holds the entire sugaring experience to the highest possible standard.

There are many services out there with the word "sugar" in the title. If you're unsure, chances are it's not our Advanced Sugaring technique.